Floor Coatings

At DEC Group, we offer stunning epoxy flooring solutions to ensure that warehouses and shop floors are left with an impressive finish that is guaranteed to last many years.

Although designed to be applied to concrete floors, our experienced team at DEC Group are able to coat and protect your tilt slabs, steel and slate – along with many other ground substrates.

We ensure that all epoxy coated floors:

  • Will protect and maintain the livelihood of your existing floors.
  • Are easy to clean.
  • Are protected from bacteria, oil and chemicals.
  • Will keep workplaces clean, ensuring less dust inside the office or shop.
  • Are mould resistant.
  • Are UV resistant.
  • Are water resistant.

DEC group’s epoxy coating services have been used across Australia at locations ranging from multiple Brand Smart, University Hill, and DFO shopping centre floors, to multi-level carparks, such as T3 Melbourne Airport Carpark.

At DEC Group, we are committed to providing our clients with a personalised finish, tailored to meet the needs and expectations of each individual client. Further, we guarantee that our epoxy coatings will benefit and add value to your workplace by ensuring long-lasting immaculate and durable floors.

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